Bird Watching

Playful Cardinal


For some reason, I’ve been really interested in birds this spring. Maybe it’s because spring took so long to get here that I’m more appreciative of its signs. Or maybe I’m just getting old.

Whichever the case, today in particular I was mesmerized by this beautiful, playful cardinal. When I first saw him, he was perched on a bird feeder right outside the window. Perfect, up-close view. And no camera. Very quietly, I crept away to get my camera. When I returned, he was gone. Of course. So I waited by the window. And waited. And waited. Other birds showed up, but that cardinal was playing hard to get.

Occasionally he’d pop onto a nearby tree branch. Completely obscured by other branches. Or he’d be in plain view but too far away, and when I’d get close enough to get a photo he’d fly to the other side of the house. At one point I’d given up and was trying to get a shot of a squirrel, and that crazy cardinal flew right across my view finder!

Eventually he cooperated and allowed me to get a few crop-worthy photos. Hopefully he returns tomorrow. His beautiful red feathers and cheerful song really brightened my day!


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