Goofy Gull

Goofy Gull


I know I said every photo has a story, but this one pretty much says it all without words!

While visiting Dartmouth, I was walking along the docks with some friends. They were admiring the boats and the swans nearby. Just ahead of us I noticed this seagull. At first he gave me a few nice, but very ordinary, poses.

Then things turned silly.

He leaned over the edge of the dock and cocked his head to see what everyone was looking at down below. Apparently he didn’t find anything interesting, and he turned back to me and my camera.

He lifted up a wing as if to take flight. For a moment I wondered if he was going to charge me, and whether it was wiser to run or swim to safety. Being a 45 degree day in an unfamiliar city, I was hoping to simply duck and cover, and avoid the other options entirely. Fortunately, his plan was not so sinister. I’m not sure if he was doing yoga, pretending to be a dog, or just mugging for the camera. Whatever the case, he provided me a unique photo that I certainly won’t forget!


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