Biker Boy

We recently had our Swedin family vacation. Every August we try to get all of us together for a few days for a camping or cabin trip. This year we returned to our traditional family vacation place of years ago: Itasca State Park. I remember family vacations as a time to ride bike around the campground, sleep in a tent on the ground (or later in the back of the van when my brothers started taking up too much space), walking forever to the bathroom, beating my brother at card games, reading a good book in the shade, and eating all the junk food I could stomach.

This trip was a little different, since my brothers and I are adults now. There was still a walk to the bathroom and a lot of junk food. And we still biked the Wilderness Drive and moaned and groaned up the big hills. Mostly we sat around the campground, content to chat and reminisce.

Ordinarily, this would have left Will bored out of his mind. No action, no Legos, no one to bike around with. What was a poor boy to do? Luckily, he was engrossed in a book. And by engrossed, I mean he didn’t realize anything that happened around him. He read when he woke up. He read in the afternoon. He read by flashlight at the campfire. He came out of his book for meals, but only because I insisted.

You may ask “How did he manage a 15-mile bike ride with his nose in a book?”

The answer:

Will wasn’t quite ready for this ride on his own bike. And I forgot our tandem, leaving just one option. Trailer. Oh my. Thankfully my brother the mountain biker was willing to take on the challenge of pulling a 60-pound Will up those tall windy hills. The crazy part is that he also managed to stay ahead of everyone else.

So Will was able to take it easy and read his book for the 3-hour ride, only setting it down for the sites that I lovingly forced him to see. He was also the only one who could walk without soreness the next day. Such a lucky kid!


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