Kiholo Bay

I am very fortunate to have Jen as my Hawaii guide. She knows all the best places to visit, the out-of-the-way spots where the tourists are unlikely to gather. Since we have similar tastes when it comes to traveling, I just trust her when she says “This is where we’re going.” She has yet to steer me wrong!

Kiholo Bay was the first of those that we visited. It was a hike and a half to get to our destination, about a mile of rough gravel road, lava fields, and black sand beach — not the kind you want to walk across barefoot. It’s not a surprise that we were the only ones here. In fact, we only saw six other people on the way in and out.


The path took us between the ocean and private property. At this point, I realized we weren’t in Kansas anymore.

Beware Falling Coconuts


The hike was well worth it, though. Green sea turtles, an endangered species, like to bask on the rocks here. In fact, we pincnicked across a small strait of water from the island where they were sunning. It was an experience just to sit on the rocks across the water watching them.

The water was a beautiful shade of green-blue and looked so refreshing after our long walk in the hot sun. In addition to the turtles,  there were several species of birds and even a few goats sharing our space. Have you ever had wild goats watch you  eat lunch? It’s a unique experience. The trotted across the ledge just a few feet behind us, keeping an eye on our food the whole time. Turns out goats are the bane of the island. Missionaries brought them over and since then they’ve decimated the native plants. The goats that is, not the missionaries.




After finishing our lunch and admiration of the turtles from a distance, we swam across to the island and sunned ourselves near them. Not too near, as that would be illegal, but near enough to get a true sense of wonder at making eye contact with such ancient and wise creatures.


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